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DeAndre Hopkins Shopping For A New Team

Even though DeAndre Hopkins has been a free agency for a few days now, it is still unclear which teams are interested in signing the five-time Pro Bowl wide receiver. It has been reported that the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills were active in obtaining Hopkins before to his release, and it is thought that both of these clubs still have interest in signing him. On the other hand, the teams that are not pursuing Hopkins have made it public that they do not have an interest in him.

This mysterious tweet was sent out by Hopkins, a three-time first-team All-Pro wide receiver, a few hours after the head coaches of the New York Jets and the Tennessee Titans virtually confirmed that their clubs will not be signing Hopkins.

In addition, Hopkins has inked a contract with Klutch Sports after previously representing himself in legal matters. Kelton Crenshaw is going to represent Hopkins going forward while he searches for a new team to play for. Crenshaw is the agent for NFC East players DeVonta Smith, Chase Young, and Kayvon Thibodeaux, all of whom play for the New Orleans Saints.

What about the first two clubs that didn’t take Hopkins into consideration? Saleh declared, “we love our current group” in reference to the Jets’ wide receiver room, which saw significant changes throughout the summer. Although the Titans have not made significant changes at the position as the Jets have, Vrabel has stated that the club is “focused on the players they have here.” Hopkins was not ruled out by Tennessee, but it does not look like he is a possibility for the Volunteers.

The Dallas Cowboys, who are considered to be one of the best teams in the NFC East, began the month of June by expressing their contentment with the wide receiver room that they currently have.

When questioned about the team’s interest in Hopkins on Thursday, Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy responded, “I really like the look of our group,” as reported by the Dallas Morning News. Hopkins is a wide receiver for the Cowboys. There is no positive outcome that can be derived from their replies. The ability to hop is quite remarkable.

On June 1, head coach Dan Campbell of the Detroit Lions expressed sentiments that were analogous to those expressed by McCarthy.

When questioned about the possibility of the team adding Hopkins on Thursday, head coach Dan Campbell responded, “Yeah, I’m not gonna comment on that one.” “However, I really enjoy our receivers room. My impression is that we have a healthy diversity of males in our group. I believe that having a variety of different sorts of skill sets at your skill positions amongst tight ends, backs, and receivers is incredibly crucial, and I feel as if we have that. We have possession, we have explosive power, and we have speed. We are able to maintain our speed and consistency. Therefore, I believe that we have a large number of people who are capable of performing a wide variety of roles. Therefore, the more versatile you are, the more options you have available to you in terms of personnel and matchups.

Hopkins has the eighth-most receiving yards through a player’s first 10 seasons in NFL history (11.298), and the fourth-most catches after a player’s first 10 seasons (853). Both of these records are in the Receiving category. Despite only participating in nine games during the 2017 season, Hopkins finished fourth in the NFL with an average of 7.1 receptions per game and ranked 10th in the NFL with an average of 79.7 receiving yards per game. During his 10 seasons in the NFL, he has been named to the first-team All-Pro three times and has been chosen for the Pro Bowl five times.

There is still a lot of value in signing Hopkins, which is something that he is anxious to demonstrate in 2023 for a club that is contending.

Fantasy Impact

The fantasy football community seems to think that Nuk is still elite. The truth is Hopkins turns 31 in June, and rumors around the league are the stud veteran has lost a step. Hopkins’ landing spot is important for his fantasy value.

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