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Improve Your Dynasty Football Team With These 4 Simple Tips

People who play dynasty football tend to be die-hard fans of the game. Only the most confident first-timers will go into a dynasty league, pick a funny fantasy football name and walk away with beginner success. For most people, the first year is a wake-up call, and you learn from your mistakes. However, I think everyone should try Dynasty Football at some point, as it is the next level of the game.

If you’re nervous about taking the plunge, one of the first pieces of advice I’ll give you is to take things slowly. Start by joining a single dynasty league. Fans of the fantasy football game tend to go straight into the deep end, frequently participating in three or more dynasty leagues simultaneously. Avoid doing that. Join an existing league, or form your own with a group of 11 of your best friends. However, take things slowly at first. It takes a lot of time and effort to build a dynasty club.

Dynasty football may be a misnomer in several respects because I have never encountered or heard of a league that has a real dynasty. In the NFL, no team ever remains at the top for long, and weak fantasy teams may swiftly recover via rookie selections. It’s not unheard of for a team to win back-to-back titles in a dynasty league, but it does happen. The point of a dynasty league isn’t to win every year, but to have the chance to build a club that can.

Great Sites to Play Dynasty Football

Devalue Running Backs

If you’re in a league for five years or more, you shouldn’t choose a running back too early since they don’t last very long. There are always outliers, but think about it: how many running backs have enjoyed consistent success for more than six years? Do you remember when Todd Gurley II was at the peak of his powers? Gurley’s promotion to starting RB won’t please anyone. Melvin Gordon III was the lone running back in the top 17 in scoring among RBs last season, and he ended 13th and was older than 26. However, in 2021, eleven of the top seventeen wide receiver scorers were over the age of twenty-six. Now he’s not even on a roster (currently)

Wide receivers are an excellent long-term investment essential in dynasty leagues.

Rookies > Old Guys

Rookies may not provide immediate results but are the best long-term bet. If you take a look at the best players in dynasty rankings, you’ll see that most of them would be selected in the first round of the actual NFL Draft.

The other side is that veterans, even if they plan to retire in three years, still have three productive years and frequently have more proven output than rookies. It’s possible that a rookie won’t be able to contribute enough to help you win games if you’re currently in the title hunt. Title victories should be your first priority.

Buy at the Draft, Sell at the Trade Deadline

Players are considerably cheaper before a Dynasty Rookie Draft. Everyone loves drafting, and before these new rookies can be dubbed studs or duds, they are gold bars that can do no wrong. Dynasty Managers constantly overvalue rookies, and they don’t all pan out. That is why if your team is close to winning a championship; you should look to adding talent you know can get you points now

The same goes for when to sell. Selling players at the trade deadline in the middle of the NFL season has a greater return as the teams that have their eyes on a championship don’t care about rookie picks.

Study College Prospects Before NFL Draft Weekend

If it’s a weak draft class year or the rookies have poor landing spots… adapt. Don’t assume a rookie will break out. Try not to get too carried away from the hype and do whats best for your team at all costs.


Lee Taylor

Lee has been playing fantasy football for over 15 years. He loves Dynasty and Bestball formats. Lee lives in Seattle with his wife and two kids.

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